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At SMOG Vape Factory, we specialize in providing a substantial supply of wholesale, customization, and OEM services for refillable vape cartridges and Refillable Open Pods. Equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities and backed by a team with extensive industry experience, we can accommodate any order size, from small custom batches to full-scale manufacturing projects. Whether you need tailored designs or standard models, SMOG offers unmatched quality and service to enhance your vaping business. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive solutions for refillable vaping products.


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Disposable vape pen, vape it and replace it with a new one, no need to make replacement PODs, no need to maintain the device for a long time.
There are two types of disposable vape pen: rechargeable and non-rechargeable, the non-rechargeable one has its life cycle determined by the POD and battery, the rechargeable one has its life cycle determined by the tobacco oil, and there are also disposable e-cigarettes with LED.
Disposable vape pen is designed to provide an easier and more portable smoking experience with less hassle and more freedom!
The disposable vape pen produced by our factory meets the EU standard: no more than 2 ml of tobacco oil, nicotine ≤ 2%.

Disposable vape pen is currently one of the most popular electronic cigarette pens.
Fashionable design, cheap price, more free choice, no need to maintain the stem device, more convenient to replace.
If you are a distributor of disposable e-cigarettes, or you need to order disposable vape pen in bulk, and want to find a disposable e-cigarettes factory to supply you with the goods, welcome to know us.

Customization Process For refillable vape cartridge

Rigorous OEM processes ensure quality.
About Disposable Vape Pen Factory

About Disposable Vape Pen Factory

As a vape pen manufacturer as more than 200 brands, we have advanced production automation equipment to ensure stable and reliable product quality.
We offer flexible OEM and ODM services and can customize unique products according to customers' needs. We are committed to providing customers with high quality and innovative products.
With advanced production equipment and technical team, we are able to flexibly respond to customer needs and guarantee product quality and delivery time.

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